About Viavelo

Via Velo translates to, by-bike, when we began developing our line of child trailers five years ago, our goal was simple: We wanted a line of performance trailers and accessories with the quality that we expected from high end companies but designed for everyday families. We began with that goal and have created Via Velo as it is today. It has grown into a worldwide brand with three flagship trailers and a host of accessories all designed for use with your family.

In the bustling busy streets of Shanghai, our creator needed to find a way to spend time with his family between a hectic work schedule and his love of cycling. With over 25 years of experience in the cycling community of Shanghai he got to work building Via Velo. We have moved from Shanghai to Canada to keep up with the expansion of the industry and to be able to get on the road more. In Canada and the US our trailers have been sold for nearly two years by some of the largest retail businesses and have a well founded customer base from these locations. Now we want to expand further so that we can spread the cycling joy with all families!

Our passion and our drive is to get on the road with our families and we want to share that with you! We have bicycle trailers that can be converted to strollers so that your newborn can get outside with you. As your children grow, the stroller grows with them and can be transformed into a bike trailer to get you and your family riding. This was the product we wanted for our families and now you can have it too.


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